Model 3 - Long Single Use Scissors

This model of long single use scissors is used for gynecology, IUD and various other medical procedures. The long scissors offer easy access and cutting when length is needed. The long scissors are designed the same as short scissors but with long handle (220mm, 8½” long).

Catalog number of all long single use scissors: 542X - long scissors (X changes in accordance with the blade type).

Four types of blades:

single use long scissors 2





CAT# 5425 - SUTURE REMOVAL - Littauer (skin suture removal)

LENGTH: 220mm, 8.5" long

MOQ: 600 UNITS, 3 cases.

Weight: 3.6 Kg per 200 units.

Manufactured by Kencap Ltd.

This model of long scissors is designed to be similar to the scissors made of nickel-plated steel. The scissors have been modified to allow a cost effective alternative without compromise over quality. The barrier of dismissing it as lower quality when compared to the full metal scissors is a psychological barrier, easily overcome after using the single use scissors and comprehending the benefits of the single use long scissors.

Reusable scissors made of nickel-plated steel are relatively thick, and the metal feeling can be uncomfortable for patients. Moreover, low quality scissors' plating can flake off and the entire scissors is subject to rust and contamination. Kencap's single use scissors will never rust as they are made of high quality stainless steel with clean edges for excellent cutting action.