Single Use Long Scissors - 220mm (8.5") Long

High quality long single use scissors made for day-to-day use in gynecology. The blades of the scissors are made of high quality stainless steel, with clean sharp edges for excellent cutting action of sutures, IUD threads and gauze.

The single use scissors can be used for sutures, suture removal, IUD insertion and removal, general surgery and more. Every need can be answered by the different models and blade shapes. The long single use scissors are available with four types of blades: Littauer, sharp/sharp, sharp/blunt and blunt/blunt blades. All blade types are made of top grade stainless steel with excellent cutting action.

The long single use scissors are available in bulk for OEM use or individually packed in a sterile envelope package as a "ready to use" product. The long scissors are also available as part of Kencap's single use IUD kits