Single Use Hysterometer Uterine Sound Gauge - for Uterine Depth Inspection

The single use hysterometer (also called single use uterometer) is used for measuring the depth of the uterine cavity and the cervix. The single use uterine sound gauge is made of flexible plastic, allowing material "memory" to mark depth and dilate in angles as needed.

The depth marks are used for graduated to accurately measure the depth. The bulbous tip reduces risk of cuts of perforation. The material is flexible to allow adaptation to anatomical variations.

The uterometer gauge is ready to use, and can be sterilized by EO or gamma. The single use uterine sound can be provided in bulk, in sterile individual packs and also in customizable gynecology kits.


Cat. No. 5222 – non sterile

232mm (9”) long (full plastic)

Standard color: green. Other colors available for large orders.

Can be provided in small quantities.

MOQ: 300 units, 1 case.

Weight: 1 Kg per case (300 units)