Kelly forceps - Single Use Cheron Uterine Dressing Forceps

The single use Cheron forceps are used for holding swabs and cotton dressing in gynecology and other medical & surgical procedures. The Cheron forceps are long and allow use in wound care as well as in IUD procedures.

The length and the serrated jaws make the single use Cheron forceps a necessity in gynecological treatment as an extension of the healthcare professional's arm. The Cheron single use forceps can be used for disinfecting and holding sponges during procedures.

The light weight and the flexibility make the single use Cheron forceps great for disinfecting the uterus prior to an IUD procedure.

The Cheron forceps can be supplied in sterile individual packs, in bulk and as part of a sterile IUD kit.


Cat. No. 5300 – non sterile

260mm (10.4”) long (full plastic, metal rivet)

Standard color: green. Color is changeable for large quantities.

Can be provided in small quantities.

MOQ: 100 units, 1 case.

Weight: 2.4 Kg per case (100 units).