Single Use IUD and Gynecology Instruments

Single use IUD and gynecology instruments for clinics, hospitals & kit packers. The single use instruments have light weight with a durability and flexibility which only top grade plastic instruments can offer.

IUD insertion and removal are standard procedures in gynecology. The short and simple IUD procedure can be performed at the GYN/OB doctor’s office, and does not require surgery. The standard instruments required are a tenaculum, a uterine sound (hysterometer gauge) and long scissors. Some gynecologists also like to have the Cheron (Kelly) forceps included in the IUD kit.

Since the IUD insertion and IUD Removal procedures are done at the doctor’s office, ready-made kits make the procedures faster. With Kencap’s single use IUD instruments, the doctor gets the best single use instruments available.

Kencap is proud to offer unique single use IUD instruments made with top grade materials. Kencap’s IUD instruments are made by and for the professionals, as well as the comfort of the patient. With Kencap’s IUD kits, you get the best instruments in a customized kit and avoid the chance of cross-contamination from reusable instruments.