Single Use Cervical Biopsy Punch

The GYNIUS PUNCH® for cervical biopsy is a single use disposable instrument with stainless steel ring to assure clean, fast and accurate cutting of the specimen. The GYNIUS PUNCH® reduces the dangers of cross contamination without compromising the quality.

The single use GYNIUS PUNCH® with the new stainless steel metallic head and rigid plastic handles assures 100% sterility, reducing the dangers of contamination, infections and laboratory misdiagnosis. With a single use biopsy punch, the doctor and the patient are assured of the sample’s quality and accuracy of diagnosis.

The sharp metal biopsy ring embedded in the GYNIUS PUNCH® reduces the pain induced to the patient to a minimum. The clean and swift cut is safer and easier to disinfect and suture.

The GYNIUS PUNCH® has a built in extractor to allow extraction of the sample from the biopsy ring without touch of another instrument or complications. The unique and patented extractor is a very important feature which is not included in many of the cervical biopsy instruments.

Gynius 2


GYNIUS PUNCH® - single use cervical biopsy forceps

Length: 228mm (11”) long

Bite Size: 5mm


CAT. No. 5350 - GYNIUS PUNCH® non sterile biopsy forceps

100 units per box, 10 boxes in master carton.
MOQ: 400 units (4 boxes).

Weight: 5.1 Kg. per 100 units.


CAT. No. 5355 - GYNIUS PUNCH® sterile biopsy forceps

Each unit is individually packed in a sterile envelope package.

50 units per box, 10 boxes per Master carton.

MOQ: 500 units (10 boxes, 1 master carton).

Weight: 3 Kg. per 50 units.


Manufactured by Kencap Ltd.