Needle Holder

• Made for utmost reliability
• Specially designed to be used also as a“Webster” needle holder
• Special crisscross serration to 
hold the needle in a stable position

• Light and easy to use
• Withstands all types of sterilization
• Help fight cross-infections with individually packed sterile needle holders


LENGTH: 127mm (5”)

CAT. No. 5700 Single use needle holder – standard single use needle holder. Can be autoclaved.

200 pieces per case.

MOQ: 200 units (1 cases). 

Weight: 3.5 Kg.

CAT. No. 5710  - Sterile single use needle holder.

Individually packed in a sterile pack.

100 units per case.

MOQ: 400 units (4 cases).

Weight: 3 Kg per case.