Single Use Disposable Dental Explorer (Probe)

A single use dental explorer which offers a new standard. The dental explorer that has excellent performance and high quality stainless steel edge with a plastic handle for a firm grip.

The single use dental probe can be sterilized in any type of sterilization (ETO gas, ultrasonic and gamma) and is also available in an autoclave ready model. The plastic handle has a unique diamond shape, providing excellent grip even with gloves. The light weight and precision metal probe make the single use dental probe excellent for everyday use. The probe is offered with one sided or two sided design, with a choice of probe design. 

The plastic and metal combination is environment friendly, and fully recyclable. For expeditions or educational use, a sterile individually packed version is available as well.

Benefits of the Disposable Dental Probe: 

  • Sharper edge compared to reusable.

  • Can be sterilized in any type of sterilization.

  • Rigid plastic handle.

  • Excellent performance.

  • High quality stainless steel edge.

One Sided Single Use Dental Probe

Cat. #6033 - single use dental explorer with #23 tip

One sided dental probe with a 23 tip made of stainless steel.

Excellent for everyday use in the dental clinic. 

Cat. #6037 - single use dental explorer with 3CH (cowhorn) tip

One sided dental probe with an angled 3CH (cowhorn) tip made of stainless steel.

Used for calculus and exploration of cavities.

Cat. #6038 - Single use periodontal probe with markings

One sided periodontal probe with markings on the probe tip.

A high value - low cost periodontal probe for everyday use.


Single use dental probes

Two sided Single Use Dental Probe

Cat #6041 - Single Use explorer with #23 and 3CH (cowhorn) tips

Two sided probe with a #23 probe tip on one side and 3CH (cowhorn) on the other side.

Perfect for high volume clinics and outdoor examinations (expeditions or house calls).

Double sided dental probe - Kencap

Cat. #6043 - Double sided dental explorer with periodontal and #23 tips

Two sided probe with a periodontal probe (with markings) and #23 tip on the other side.

For those short inspections and everyday checkups of large quantity of patients.