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We have developed a wide range of innovative, unique disposable instruments for your Gynecology needs.

EZ clampTMUmbilical cord Clamp

EZ clamp for umbilical cord cutting by Kencap Ltd.In one simple action, The EZ clamp™ Will clamp th Umbilical cord, cut it safely, and separate from the baby. The EZ clamp replaces the current four step umbilical cord separation procedure with a single step. After clamping, the EZ Clamp will automatically separate into two parts: a baby-side clamp and a placenta-side clamp. For the best safety, the blade stays on the placenta clamp, and away from the baby.

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Single Use IUD KITS


Single Use IUD kits for gynecology by Kencap Ltd.In order to insert or remove IUDs the Doctor needs for this process instruments such as: Palmer clasping forceps, Scissors, Anatomic Kelly forceps and measuring gauge. We are proud to provide unique disposable instruments and kits for the insertion and/or removal of the I.U.D.

 For more information on the Single use IUD kits click here

Uterine Tenaculum Forceps - Single Use Pozzi forceps

5200 Tenaculum - single use Pozzi forcepsThe Single Use Tenaculum forceps are designed for IUD insertions and removals, and also for holding blood vessels. The Tenaculum is made of strong compounds made to be durable yet flexible.

The Single Use Uterine Tenaculum (also called Pozzi forceps) have sharp hook on each jaw arm. 

 For more information on the Single Use Pozzi forceps click here

Kelly forceps - Single Use Cheron Uterine Dressing forceps

5300 Kelly - Cheron Forceps Gynecology

The Single Use Cheron forceps are used for holding swabs and cotton dressing in gynecology and other surgical procedures. The Cheron forceps are long and allow use in wound care as well as in IUD procedures.

The length and the serrated jaws make the Cheron forceps a necessity in the medical treatment as an extremity of the healthcare professional arm. The Cheron single use forceps can be used for disinfecting and holding sponges during procedures.

 For more information on the Single Use Cheron forceps click here

Single Use Hysterometer Gauge - for uterine depth inspection

Single Use Hystreometer Gauge by Kencap Ltd.The Single Use hysterometer (also called single use Uterometer) is used for measuring the depth of the uterine cavity. The single Use Hysterometer is made of flexible plastic, allowing material "memory" to mark depth.

The uterometer gauge is ready to use, and can be sterilized by EO or Gamma. 

 For more information on the Single Use Hysterometer Gauge forceps click here



Scopicline Single Use Gynecology instruments by Kencap Ltd.The ScopicLine™ is designed in a one dimensional line which allows an open clear view to see the procedures or to fit into the speculum using several instruments. The ScopicLine ™  gives a stronger grip then conventional clamps while providing a more pleasant experience for the patient.

For more information on the ScopicLine Gynecology instruments click here

Single Use Long Gynecology Scissors

Single Use long Scissors by Kencap ltdA unique design of single use scissors made for gynecology. The scissors are Durable, accurate, sharp and are a great addition to any gynecology set. The blades of the scissors are made of high quality stainless steel, with clean sharp edges for excellent cutting action. 

The Long Gynecology Scissors have been chosen by several top-quality & well-known companies to be a part of their gynecology range and the IUD sets they offer. 

For more information on the Single Use Long Scissors click here

Gynius Punch - Single Use Cervical Biopsy 

Cervical biopsy instrument by Kencap Ltd.A single use disposable GYNIUS PUNCH ® assures 100% Sterility and reduces the dangers of contamination as well as infection. The plastic material is made of unique medical material with the strength and performance of metal.

For more information on the Single use Cervical Biopsy click here

Benefits of Single Use Gynecology Instruments


Most of the gynecology inspections and procedures take less than 20 minutes, yet most of them require hundreds of dollars in instruments, sterilization and staff working time. The procedures are usually short and require 1-3 instruments.

When using Single Use Instruments for gynecology one can reduce costs and save time. Using specially customized procedural kits makes every preparation quicker and more efficient. The sterilized kit is ready for use and contains the instruments a professional would need.

The Gynecology Single Use Instruments can be sterilized by ETO and Gamma. The Instruments can be provided as white label or private label, and also implemented in any kits a kit assembler manufactures.

The single Use gynecology instruments are designed for functionality and durability. The design was engineered with and for the gynecology professionals. The instruments can be used for routine procedures and also for emergency care.


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