Single Use Instruments for General Use and Surgery

We have  a wide range of innovative medical instruments for general use. The single use instruments offer light weight, high quality and functionality.

The general use and surgery category of single use instruments includes scissors, needle holders, flowstop, staple removers & a variety of forceps.

The single use instruments:


disposable scissorsA plastic and stainless steel single use scissors made for and with the medical professional in mind.

The blades of the scissors are made of high quality stainless steel, with plastic handles made for better grip. 

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Needle Holder and Mosquito Clamp

needl holderSingle use needle holder and single use mosquito clamp - An important instrument offered in a single use version. A combination of metal jaws and rigid plastic handles that can be used whenever hemostats are needed.

The hemostats are light weight, durable and easy to use. 

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Skin Staple Removers

staple remover1A new generation of single use staple removers made for removing staples easily. The single use staple remover is very accurate with a specially designed stainless steel edge. The handles are made of plastic with a special finish to make the grasping easier.

With our staple remover, the hands never slip out.

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Flow Stop

Flowstop hemostatFlow stop is a redesigned single use Kocher clamp used for blocking flexible tubing (3-11mm.). The flow stop is excellent for dialysis, blood units, intravenous infusions, feeding tubes and removal of catheters without damaging the catheter.

The flow stop is made of top grade reinforced nylon, making it very durable and fit for any need you have.

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Disposable Forceps

Disposable ForcepsVarious types of high quality Single Use Forceps constructed of stainless steel with plastic jaws and inserts.

The various models answer any needs: sutures, suture removal, high precision operations and numerous other uses.

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Skin Biopsy Punch

Skin BiopsySkin biopsy is a biopsy technique in which a skin lesion is removed and sent to the pathologist to render a microscopic diagnosis. Round shaped knife ranging in size of 5mm is standard.

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